Rathi Param President/Validation Scientist

Rathi Param, President/Validation Scientist

Welcome! What do we need in the modern world for career advancement? Change! And the most important change is –  upgrading of existing skills and knowledge or the learning of new skills and knowledge! As you all know, the survival and advancement of the bio/pharmaceutical industry is guaranteed so long as there are health issues or diseases. How can one get involved with this art of science? Most of the colleges and universities provide degrees/diplomas/certificates to become a new graduate/professional. We offer the transition states from your education to launching in to the job market through our expert teams and unique skills and knowledge developments.

When you choose NACPT, you choose to engage in a modern pharmaceutical and bio-technology that goes above and beyond the pharmaceutical and bio-technology standards and requirements. Combination services with Validationtech Inc., NACPT took innovative paths to provide best career hands-on training for our clients.

Through partnership with pharmaceutical/bio-technology/medical device industries, Research and Development laboratories, colleges and universities, NACPT is well poised in providing the desired solid and effective career hands-on training for its patrons. Our innovative expert team is committed to ensuring that the NACPT graduates are equipped with sound skills and knowledge needed to excel in the workplace as science professional. The advice is, continue to improve until you reach your career potential!

Rathi Param
B.Sc., Post Grad Cert., in Pharma QA & QC, (MBA/TECH)
North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT) and Validationtech: President and CEO

Graduation Ceremony -2012