The North American College of Pharmaceutical Technology (NACPT), Toronto, Canada, is a world leading vocational training college that specializes in developing specialist skills for professionals from various industries such as pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, neutraceutical and related sectors.

NACPT’s Mission Statement: To accommodate the skill development needs of major pharmaceutical corporations and their employees by creating a prolific hands-on training environment delivered by widely acknowledged qualified industrial experts as trainers.

The desired end outcome is for our trainees to have excellent skills that meet the requirements of the employers and complement the employee’s target career goals.  Its ‘one stop’ format was structured to address every possible requirement of employees in the pharmaceutical – type industry, both theoretically and practically, to promote professional proficiency in the desired workplace.

NACPT has long been industry recognized as a skill provider of top quality training in the pharmaceutical industry and has a high success rate in job fulfillment.

NACPT excels at providing customized training for pharmaceutical companies such that it meets particular professional needs.

NACPT Offerings:

Postgraduate Diploma, Diploma and Certificate programs:

  • More than 30 industry recognized training certificates
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulation and Validation Technology
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Modern Technology
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Industrial Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Clinical Research

Professional Seminar series: Industry experts deliver 1-day seminars to keep pharmaceutical professionals up-to-date on things such as Regulatory Affairs, Six-Sigma, etc.. NACPT is also planning a Pharmaceutical Conference series in 2016 which will prove to be attractive to an international audience.

Custom training: for pharmaceutical corporations that have specific skill development needs for their employees.

Our brochure contains a wide list of the training modules that could be further customized to your need. Please contact us at 416-412-7374 or for further inquiries.